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Professional Image and Selling

An interactive half-day workshop on polishing your professional sales image

Sales professionals want to be perceived as competent, honest, sincere, confident, knowledgeable and credible. Our visual messages precede anything we say or do and those visual messages can greatly affect our level of impact and success. Afterall, people often see you before they hear you and how you look to others plays an important role in establishing your credibility.

Does the image and appearance of the members of your sales team convey your organization's desired message and goals? During this workshop, sales professionals discover how to develop a professional image which will be in alignment with the message and results intended.

Participants will learn strategies to help them:

Beyond technical ability, sales professionals in today's professional atmosphere are judged and perceived by their clothes, personal grooming and overall appearance. Training and Image Consultant, Becky Rupiper-Greene, presents insider secrets on projecting the most professional image.

Here are just a few comments from graduates of the program:

This program was great. It provided a lot of insight and action items.

It makes you realize how others perceive you and that little changes can make a big difference.

Individual Image Coaching

One-on-one personal consultatations are also available. With the support of an innovative software program and extensive research on what is considered appropriate attire in different environments, individuals discover the types of clothes that fit their body type and how they are communicating through their appearance.

Individual Image Coaching Services include:

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