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Championing Innovation and Leading Change

An interactive one-day workshop for leaders leading in a changing environment

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It doesn't take a leader to notice an opportunity or a problem. It doesn't take a leader to have ideas about how to leverage the opportunity or solve the problem. It takes a leader to mobilize people to innovate and take action. Innovation is not a magical power that some possess and most despair of ever understanding. Innovation is simply the process of seeing things in a new way and embracing the process of change.

Change is an obvious and undeniable fact of life. Change simply means moving forward and not standing still. The most successful leaders are those that don't run from change, but turn it to their advantage.

There are a lot of reasons changes fail. Each failed change has its own special blend of things gone wrong. One common element to many failed change efforts is that leaders enter it without adequately understanding how to lead the process of change.

Leadership Training Learning Objectives

  • Learn to create challenging goals that energize and inspire others
  • Responsibly challenge the status quo and conventional practices
  • Experiment and take smart risks to achieve innovative and effective solutions
  • Demonstrate a bias for taking action and doing things proactively
  • Confront common misconceptions about change
  • Discover the most common mistakes in handling change
  • Understand the role of emotions in change
  • Learn useful tips for engaging others in the process

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