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Why Intercultural Communication is Critical in Business Today

Statistics on cultural operatives in the modern business environment

The U.S. workforce reality indicates the following:


In a study of international managers' experience, two researchers note that "The number of expatriate failures has been variously estimated at 16% to 40% of those assigned. The total cost to the organization for an expatriate employee may be as high as three to five times that employee's annual salary, with the cost of a failure estimated between $250,000 and $1,000,000 per employee."


In global transfers the spouse has the most difficult role of any family member. The spouse's dissatisfaction often leads to early return, and is the single most frequently reported reason for failure on a global assignment. Nearly half of 300 surveyed companies have brought families home early due to reported unwillingness or inability of the spouse to adapt. The average cost of repatriating an executive exceeds $100,000.


The study of intercultural communication in domestic U.S. society is especially critical for several reasons.


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