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The Greatest Risk Facing Healthcare

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What are the areas over which the healthcare industry has the most control?

Attention to personal and interpersonal needs of patients and their loved ones is the most important issue the healthcare industry can and should address.

This requires equipping employees at all levels with the skills of effective communication, listening, intercultural competence, intergenerational competence, etiquette and protocol, conflict resolution, leadership, teambuilding, customer service and the like. In the popular business press these skills are frequently referred to as the soft skills.

Tero is pleased to offer two tracks for this critical training:

While almost everyone would agree that it is important for organizations entrusted with the care of the health and well-being of people to innovate to meet the requirements of a changing world (as well as the expectations of a more demanding customer), most institutions wring their hands wondering where the solution lies.

In the face of challenges over which they have little control, there are few options for healthcare providers but to comply with legislative requirements, be attentive to changing needs imposed by demographic shifts and operate in a fiscally responsible manner. But compliance as a business strategy is rarely an acceptable mode of operation for leaders in any industry. This is also true in healthcare.

To meet the challenges of a changing world, leaders in the healthcare field are proactively addressing opportunities over which they do have control.

With a keen eye on the future, these leaders recognize that the future of healthcare extends beyond the core requirements of expert medical care and must also embrace a customer-focused model of service excellence.

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